RSK Sales provides sales, service, and parts for eyelet and grommet machines, die cutting machines, skiving machinessplitting machines, and leatherworking machines and specializes in the following brands: USM, Atom, Schwabe, Sysco die cutting, Jopevi, Stimpson, Fortuna and Edward Segal.

Rod Kay, President of RSK Sales Inc., provides expert advice and will supply custom parts when necessary.

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RSK Sales

Specializing in grommet, eyelet and leatherworking machinery

Eyelet and Grommet Machines

We provide Jopevi, Stimpson, United semi and fully automatic eyelet and grommet machines for cutting holes into material as well as setting the eyelet and washer. Machines are set for all applications and sizes.

Die Cutting Machines

We provide Atom & USM die cutting machines with hydraulic swing arm clickers, traveling head, and beam presses for any application. They are perfect machines for die cutting leather, plastic, vinyl, rubber, cork, and other materials.

Skiving Machines

We provide Fortuna, and Taking precision skiving machines for taking up to 2" off the edge of leather or rubber. Machines are set for all applications and sizes.

Splitting Machines

We provide Fortuna precision splitting machines for thinning down or making your leather and rubber material more consistent. Machines are set for all applications and sizes.


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