Fully Automatic Grommet Machine

My name is Rod Kay, President of RSK Sales Inc., and I have over 25 years experience working with automatic grommet machines. I am pleased to represent Jopevi S.L. as the finest manufacturer of fully automatic  grommet  machinery in the world. Their machines are very quiet and simple to operate compared to other available automatic grommet machines in the market today.

Jopevi machines come with a built in mechanism that will allow the machine to punch a hole into your material and set the grommet and washer with a press of the foot pedal. The Jopevi J239 Fully Automatic Grommet  Machine has the capabilities to cut a hole into your material and set  both the  grommet  and neck/teeth/spur  washer through various heavy duty materials that machines of the past could not including leather, canvas, webbing, seat belt material, and many more. No need to purchase expensive self-piercing grommets as the Jopevi J239 FullyAutomatic Grommet Machine will punch through your material in one operation. There is a laser to see exactly where the setting will take place as well as a work table with a back and spacing gauge.

All Jopevi fully automatic grommet machinery can set grommets with  washers with one press of the  foot pedal.  These machines are very safe as there is a plastic safety shield and ring guard so the operator cannot get their fingers in the die setting area.  With a J239 or other model fully automatic grommet machine, the operator does not need to hand place either part as they are automatically fed making this model safer to use.



The Jopevi J239 Fully Automatic Grommet Machine can be set up for any manufacturer’s grommets and washers regardless of where they were made.   I would request grommets, washers, and materials in advance to verify that you’re Jopevi J239 or other Fully Automatic Grommet Machine would be set up correctly and to your specifications.  Please feel free to contact me with any projects you would be working on and I would be happy to assist.  Have a look at our automatic grommet machines available on our website and looking forward working with you now and in the future.

Rod strives to satisfy all customer requirements, whether they be for sales, service, or parts.

He can be reached on the phone at 818 468-0579 or in his office at 11271 Ventura Blvd., Suite 164, Studio City, CA 91604. His email is rod@rsksales.com.

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