Splitting Machines

We provide Fortuna bandknife precision splitting machines for thinning down or making your leather and rubber material more consistent. Machines are set for all applications and sizes.

A band knife or bandknife is a power tool used for cutting cloth and similar soft sheet materials. Very similar in operation to a band saw, it has an endless loop blade and the material to be cut is supported by a flat table. Band Knife blades also have applications for cutting/slitting or converting foam. Band knife blades are also used for splitting leather, paper, EVA/rubber and carpets.



Fortuna Model NAF 470: 18″ Bandknife Splitting Machine

Description The standard execution of this splitting machine is equipped with a driven upper presser roll with which fine to heavy leather as well as parts with bad sliding qualities can be split (min. split thickness 0.02″ or 0.5 mm). Furthermore, it serves for combined skiving and splitting with patterns. Excellent work results are guaranteed by the outstanding features of the elastic feed roll which adapts i
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Fortuna Model UA: 12″ Bandknife Splitting Machine

Features Presser roll and presser bar on one splitting machine. Suction device to remove scrap and dust. Self adjustment of band knife guides and automatic regrinding of band knife 2 push-button controlled feeding speeds (slow – fast) Pattern skiving with elastic feed roll and table with roller ways   Specifications Cutting Width 12″
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Fortuna Model 620: 12″ Bandknife Splitting Machine

Description For splitting or leveling leathers of finest kid to heavier weights of cowhides, artificial leathers cork, rubber, etc. Excellent rugged construction throughout Small enough to be placed anywhere in the shop, easily moved Waist high working table (38″) Amply sufficient space for convenient stacking of materials Knife completely encased, but easily accessible for replacement. Finest high speed knife
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