Jopevi J-239 / J-239R: Electronic Dual Feed Automatic Grommet Machine

Automatic Grommet Machine These automatic grommet machines are completely electronic and do not require pneumatic service. These machines are available for the following sizes of Stimpson grommets and washers: Model J-239: Plain grommets with neck washers, sizes #0 through #4 Model J-239R: Rolled rim grommets with spur washers, sizes #0 through #4   Operation These machines are very easy to operate. Simply line
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Jopevi J-237: Electronic Single Feed “Shuttle” Automatic Grommet Machine

Description The Model J-237 is a single feed electric automatic grommet machine and washer machine. It uses a hand-operated shuttle device to move the plain washer into place, maintaining the operator’s hands at a safe distance from the setting dies. This automatic grommet / washer machine can semi-automatically punch a hole into your material and set both the grommet and washer with one press of
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