My name is Rod Kay and I was first indoctrinated into grommet machines in 1987 when I joined Melanie Machine Company which specialized mostly in shoe and leather working machinery. When working for Melanie Machine Company, I sold various machinery such as Die Cutting Machines, Band Knife Splitting Machines, Skivers, Gluers, Hot Stamping, and yes….Eyelet and Grommet Machines. It occurred to me that the eyelet and grommet machinery that was born and bred in the shoe industry were also being used for other industries as well such as for the manufacture of tents, tarps, windscreens, banners, game spinners, and many more.


As my career at Melanie Machine Company furthered, I began to really enjoy more working with and selling the eyelet and grommet machinery. Unfortunately, due to cheap labor overseas, many shoe and leather factories closed, but there were still several industries that flourished like the ones I named above. I began to focus more on selling eyelet and grommet machines and in 2008 decided to open my own company RSK Sales Inc.


The focus of RSK Sales Inc. is definitely eyelet and grommet machines, but with my over 20 year knowledge of shoe and leatherworking machinery, I still get call for them as well. One can only hope that this industry as well as others that have been lost can return and we can manufacture more in the USA.

Around the 4th quarter of 2012, after working years as a local distributor, I was rewarded with the US Distributorship of Jopevi Attaching Machinery. I am proud and give my full recommendation to Jopevi Grommet, Eyelet, Snap, and Attaching Machinery that work very well, are quiet, and easy to use. I continue to sell these great machines that are more modern and less problematic then any of the other machines in the field. I continue to sell machines, parts, and provide service for Jopevi machines and appreciate old and new customers I work with. All inquiries are welcomed as I promise to always do my best in helping anyone with their needs.

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