We provide Fortuna bandknife precision splitting machines

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Splitting Machines

We provide Fortuna bandknife precision splitting machines for thinning down or making your leather and rubber material more consistent. Machines are set for all applications and sizes.

A band knife or bandknife is a power tool used for cutting cloth and similar soft sheet materials. Very similar in operation to a band saw, it has an endless loop blade and the material to be cut is supported by a flat table. Band Knife blades also have applications for cutting/slitting or converting foam. Band knife blades are also used for splitting leather, paper, EVA/rubber and carpets.

Our clients say

We have over 25 years of experience with top business professionals

Jenny Viteazu

Jo Pevi is my Life savior, great machine, thanks to Rod our business improvement is really good since we use them, very good and pleased with your work Rod, thanks again for the good and onest business

John Seebock

We have made several purchases of new and used equipment from RSK. In each case we received exactly what we expected and always in a timely manner. Very easy to work with.

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