Atom HSP588: Oildynamic Die Cutting Press With Movable Trolley

Main Features

  • Pushbutton controls (time interlock synchronization during cutting phase) to ensure safety for the operator
  • Really exceptional trolley displacement speed
  • High power continuity
  • Low energy consumption
  • High reliability, no primary maintenance required



  • Feeding on materials in rolls: with AL/81-82-85-86 feeder and PR/65 roll-holder
  • Feeding on materials in sheets: with P1000Kp material lifting platform
  • Scheduling: with simple cut-counter, programmable cut-counter
  • Motors protection: with thermic switches


Trolley of New Design

  •  High structural stiffness, powerful dynamic braking which stops the trolley in a very short time with virtually no wear and tear of the motor gear box unit.




SP 588/1SP 588/2SP 588/3SP588/5
Serviceable breadth1500 mm1600 mm1600 mm2000 mm
Serviceable extent460 mm500 mm500 mm500 mm
Trolley430×430 mm500×500 mm500×500 mm500×500 mm
Maximum cutting power15 tons20 tons25 tons25 tons
Stoke adjustable from-to5-100 mm5-100 mm5-100 mm5-100 mm
Maximum daylight (without pad)143 mm143 mm143 mm143 mm
Pump motor2 HP2 HP2 HP2 HP
Trolley motor1 HP1 HP1 HP1 HP
Trolley descent speed135 mm/sec105 mm/sec85 mm/sec85 mm/sec
Trolley displacement speed1.07 m/sec1.07 m/sec1.07 m/sec1.07 m/sec
Dimensions1940x1400x2010 mm1940x1400x2010 mm1940x1400x2010 mm2340x1400x2160 mm
Net weight, with oil1400 Kg1425 Kg1430 Kg1730 Kg
Weight with maritime packing1670 Kg1695 Kg1700 Kg
Main features include; pushbutton controls (time interlock synchronization during cutting phase) to ensure positive safety for the operator, exceptional trolley displacement speed, high power continuity, low energy consumption, high reliability, no primary maintenance required options, feeding on materials in rolls with AL/81-82-85-86 feeder and PR/65.
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