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Why Choose RSK Sales for Your Next Grommet Machine?

Our automatic grommet machines are set for all applications and sizes for the industry.  Our grommet machines  are for professional use. They accelerate the grommet application process and increases efficiency, and we do sell more than one option of machine. Our industry enhanced models come with several options depending on which model you choose.

A small grommet may also be called an eyelet, used for example on shoes, tarps and sails for lacing purposes. In electrical applications these are referred to as “insulating bushings”Most common are molded rubber that are inserted into small hole diameters up to 2″ in diameter. There are many hole configurations from standard round to assorted U-shapes. Larger penetrations that are irregular in shape as well as long straight edges often use extruded or stamped strips of continuous length. These Continuous length materials are referred to as “grommet edging”.

These are quite common in applications that range from telecom switches and data center cabinets to complex and dense wire/cable and even hydraulic tubing in aircraft, transportation vehicles and medical equipment.

If you are looking for a automatic grommet machine or automatic eyelet machine contact RSK Sales today at  (818) 468-0579 .

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